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Masterlist of Fics
All is alphabetical.  For fics in chronological order, you can browse the fandom tags through the main page, or my taglist here


Her Arms - PG, 678 words.  Christmas fic for a friend in 2006.  An and Mariko (Tsukasa and Subaru) have grown into their lives together.  An wakes and faces the day.


Dolls - PG, 2500~ish.  Also posted at (Bioshock LJ).  Jack has used funds and goods pilfered from Rapture to set himself and his little sisters up in life on the surface.  They are having trouble adjusting, especially Julie, and Jack tries his best to support them.

Boston Legal

[Crossover with Labyrinth] Denny Snores - response to a challenge at (Underground).  "Because I've just caught myself up with the end of Boston Legal, and because it's 1am.  **Warning** Spoilers for the end of Boston Legal, don't read this if you haven't seen the final two episodes."

Dark City

Control (01|02|03) M, about 13k words. Every experiment needs a control group.  But The City is a very complex experiment, and it needs complex controls to succeed.

Dead Like Me

Blanket at the Bottom of the Bottle 1563 words, PG.  Gift for basking.  George was babysitting.  At least, that's what it felt like.  Mason had been screwing up his reaps, and getting drunk.  Rube had gone apeshit, Daisy was AWOL, and Roxy had threatened to raid Mason's apartment for drugs if he didn't shut up about Daisy's new boyfriend.  Also, if Mason was off his face in the living room with George, Daisy was hardly going to bring her date home.  George/Mason

The Five People You Meet in Der Waffle Haus (01|02|03|04|05) 18810 words, M.  Gift for Cherryice.  After you die, if you are fortunate or unfortunate enough to become a reaper, you have very little choice in the people you meet.  Roxy's meetings mainly occur in a place called Der Waffle Haus, and they probably aren't the people she'd have picked had she been given any choice.

Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal Shitty: 01 | 02 | 03 Approx 14k, rated M.  Negishi Souichi feels increasing discontent with both DMC's music and his dreams of light-hearted cafe music.  Where will he find his true calling?

The Dresden Files

Equilibrium 4470 words, M, TV-verse. A slow week, and the boys are pottering around at home. It's been a while since that incident with Justin Morningway, and Bob's been expecting this conversation a lot sooner. Bob/Winifred, Bob/Harry.

Harry Potter

Memories: Prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05| 06 | 07| Epilogue - M, approx. 36k.  Hermione wakes up, bleeding, and nobody in Grimmauld Place can remember the how, the what, the why. The only clue they have is a diamond ring on her hand, and the sense of a spell gone wrong. Eventual HG/SS

Bag of Holding - PG approx 1700  Ron/Hermione.
Once every fortnight, Hermione has her friends over and Ron goes out with Harry for dinner. When Ron comes home early one night, he discovers that these haven't been the girls' nights in he'd thought they were. One-shot flashfiction. 


Coherence - MA, 4k or so.  *written after the release of manga ch.89., and before the conclusion of the manga.  I've ignored pesky details like actually explaining the end of the battle.  Various identities fight for coherence, and Integral walks from the Hellsing chapel to her office. AxI.  (In retrospect, this isn't a very coherent fic at all XD)

The Aorist Tense - M, 2kish.   18-year-old Integral is studying the Aorist, and thinking, late at night.  IxA, flashfiction

Fifteen Hundred - M, 4093. Getting used to her new life and the Hellsing organisation is daunting for Seras, especially when so very much is often left unsaid, and everyone else seems to understand their duties.

Hikaru no Go
[not yet copied here, will be soon]

Kingdom Hearts

Island Triptych One, two, three! - M, 7kish.  2008 Christmas fic for tammaiya SoraxRikuxKairi


only_forever prompt series from 2008:

     Fairy Tales Cannot Fool Me Now - (March Prompt - POE), 1212 words, PG
     The Man With Thistle-down Hair - (April Prompt - Crossover), 2867 words, PG
     In Any Other World (We're all mad here) (May Prompt - Mika) 1kish, PG
     Your time has run out (June prompt - Pilate) 3657 words, PG, WARNING!  Failed attempt at the start of
     slashfic.  I will return and re-write all of this one day.  Please don't click unless you're desperate.
     "Once upon a time began a tale" said The Storyteller (July Prompt - Cirque de Soleil) 800 words, G

    In bed she flexes her knees - 2430words, MA.  a response to one of the prompts, but a little too racy to be posted officially.  MA for masturbation and explicit smuttiness of thoughts.

[Crossover with Boston Legal] Denny Snores - response to a challenge at (Underground).  "Because I've just caught myself up with the end of Boston Legal, and because it's 1am.  **Warning** Spoilers for the end of Boston Legal, don't read this if you haven't seen the final two episodes."

[several more labyrinth fics have yet to be posted here, you can find them at my underground profile, though they're not that brilliant at all]


Advertising Causes Need (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Extras) Originally posted (Here) at brutalbusiness for the March2010 N/Cfest.  After 3.01, Nathan Explosion begins to feel detached and upset.  **Warning** Spoilers for S3, NathanxCharles explicit gayness.  Also contains therapy, panic attacks, and is the first fic I've posted here that I haven't edited properly, which caused no small amount of paranoid fear!

Ranma 1/2

Wait for Sleep One, two, three! -PG, maybe borderline M, 13kish words.   Fukufic challenge from 2005.  Cut into three parts to suit LJ's issues.  Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, and Cowboy Bebop crossover.

In Which Many Cups of Tea are Drunk One , Two, Three! PG just over 15k words.  F4 challenge response/entry:  A bemused Howl follows Morgan through a door and into a crowded busy place, where they run across a young red-haired woman.  Meets the requirement of Ranma being kidnapped as marriage material

Read Or Die

A Light-hearted Narrative 1006 words, PG.  Gift for gamerfic.  When you know a writer long enough, you can see hints of their hearts in their prose.  Yomiko has set aside the afternoon to read a very specific light novel.  Trashy and sappy, it's one that Nenene would happily deny having ever written.  Yomiko/Nenene.

Nails Stand Out 1602 words, PG.  Gift for calliette. Anita wouldn't miss any of Hisami's big TV appearances, but she feels like the proverbial nail that stands out when she's sitting in the audience. Hisami/Anita.

Someday's Readers One, two! almost 9k, PG.  The first of two companion pieces, focusing on our two favourite writers, Sumiregawa Nenene and Hishiishi Hisami.  Cut in half, because ElJay just doesn't like long fics.
   Kamistukaini taisetsuna koto 5k, PG, The second of two companion pieces, focusing on two paper users, Yomiko Readman and Anita King, as they spend a day exploring what is important to a paper user.

Skip Beat

Love is Bullshit (01|02) 8800ish words, PG/T. Gift for Yasuhei.  On her eighteenth birthday, Kyoko has a successful career, a good social life and no need at all for love. When Ren invites her out for a friendly dinner, he has a shocking confession and a proposal that actually seems to make perfect sense  .

The Roles They Assume 3000ish words, PG/T.  Gift for Yasuhei.  Set a few years after the manga. Ren stars opposite Kyoko, and his experiences threaten his self-image and his acting career.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Anagram of Suzumiya Kurumi (01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18)Completed approx 60k, PG/T.The best place to begin this story is in my childhood. Before I was recruited by the agency, because some of the trauma that made me who I am today began very early in my life. From the exact moment I was born, in fact. The trauma that I am talking about is that of my energetic, paranoid, manic, unstoppable mother..

Other places that some (not all) of my things are posted are:

kurushi at - has some fics, none with sexual content or ratings above M

kurushi at archiveofourown - all fics from 2009 onwards, some from 2008 imported from fanfiction dot net as well.

kurushi at Underground Labyrinth fic archive - has all laby fics, including one I haven't taken the time to post here yet.


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