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Greetings and Salutations
This  is a fic alt for [personal profile] kurushi .  Many people on my flist don't read fics, and conversely most people who want to read my fics are probably uninterested in trawling through the vagaries of my life.

For readers with ebook reading hardware, you can find downloadable versions of my fics in multiple formats thanks to the wonderful AO3.  Simply go to my list of works, select the story, then use the download button to get a selection of formats.  While you're there, check out some of the other writers and stories; there's a lot of work far better than mine that deserves more appreciation.

Taglist to the right.  Will be uploading older fics as I recover them.  Those left include fics from: Hikaru no Go, GiTS, and Labyrinth. Masterlist in the next post.

I welcome any and all comments, and adore most of all nitpicking.

Current WIPS and most recent completed:

Yuletide The Sandman :D for corialis
Yuletide: Boston Legal Video Night for edna_blackadder
Yuletide: Stranger than Fiction Nobody Dies at the End for edna_blackadder
R.O.D Do I-jin Dream of Electric Books 00|01|02|03|04 WIP
</user> This entry was originally posted at Links to subsequent and previous chapters are updated at LJ every couple of months, until then everything may redirect to DW pages. Please comment there using OpenID.
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