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Dear My Writer

Dear My Writer,


Hello, and my goodness you have awesome taste. I know this because you've matched with me on at least one fandom, and I have indeed chosen fandoms in which I will read anything, anime series that I have loved and re-watched and re-watched. They're all very contextual, and as always I care more about what has drawn you to offer this thing that I love than about any of my optional details. You had some idea about what themes or characters or stories you would enjoy writing when you offered our matching fandom/s, so hold on to that spark. Optional means optional, and if you're one of those writers who does not like long and varied requests, you can just stop reading right now and go write a story that I will love.


If you like more information, though, well. I have headers.


Where I lurk

I am generally known as kurushi, though there's one or two other kurushi's on sites I have come late to, or never visit.

I'm kurushi at LJ and DW

kurushi_ficage at LJ and DW

kurushi on AO3

kurushi on ffnet


In terms of IRC, I am in there pretty regularly. I may be a Hippo at times, but I will always use a nick like hippo-kurushi, so it will be nice and easy to avoid me.



The Aboutness of Kurushi


I've run out of ways to describe myself since my last Yuletide letter. I start far more writing projects than I ever manage to complete. I am getting through Disgaea 2 (we never found a copy of the first one) by passing the controller between my partner and a friend of ours. It is out weekly grinding and idle chattering tea-party day.


I love books so much that if I meet an attractive one at a party, I blush, try to get to know it, and wish it could go home with me. I'm rushing to write signups now, I may add more here in a few days.



Yes Pleases and No Thank-Yous


Yes Pleases are not a laundry list for ultimate inclusion, but things that you may want to know about if they come up in your ideas. You don't use them all, that will, er, be very confusing.


Yes Please




Any combination of 3 or more

Any rating

Also general themes without romance or sex.

Worldbuilding, AUs, Fix-it fic, Original Characters, futures, pasts.

Multimedia – do use alt text or describe it in notes somehow if it is needed to follow the story because I will dl an ebook version. My writer last year did a good job within the narrative.


No Thank-You

Rape, dubcon, non-con or whatever you kids call it these days.

Sexual content involving anyone under 18 years old (Australian age of consent).

Other abuse, assault, or violence depicted graphically. Especially not towards children.

Graphic depictions of incest (references are fine, this is actually relevant to one of my request canons).

Cancer, cancer related deaths, brain injury, brain injury related death.

Raw meatstuffs (special note – vegetarian archaeologist librarian, cool with gore and corpses, squicked by the idea of raw meat as tasty.)

Crossovers with Avengers.


I've loved stories that involve some of these in the past, but they can be dealbreakers for me, and it's better safe than sorry, right? It's all optional, so I will ask politely that if you can't avoid these, please identify which are in the story either through tags or the summary. If the story contains any of this, I need to know to avoid it on Christmas day.




My requests share some common themes, which I didn't really emphasise in my requests because the most awful thing I can imagine is matching with someone who only wants romance or sex between characters that I cannot write together, or only wants anime (and it's the only anime you've seen). I want it to be really clear that one of my themes is so optional that if this letter were a pamphlet, it would be on the flap that is perforated for easy-tear separation from the rest of this letter.


Anyway, shared themes. All my requests this year have some common ground, to increase the chances of happy matching and ease of switching to other requests if you get stuck. These themes are:

Anime TV series,

With women as lead characters,

Who are awesome and dedicated to something obsessively,

Who have really strong friendships with other women,

Who could optionally also have hot and touching romances with each other, you know, if you are comfortable writing that. Um. *hands wave* OPTIONAL! So optional they are not even part of the optional details in my signup!


So I'll copy and paste my requests, give a bit of info on what I love about the show, and include a little bit of information on romantic things. I did choose these requests for fandoms that I could also (and would eagerly) read m/f or m/m for, so if you have a m/f or m/m pairing you would rather write, go with it. Do keep the focus on my requested characters somehow, if you can. But write something you care about writing above anything else.


If you get stuck, I'm also happy to receive any of my previous requests, provided that they fall within the Yuletide tagset this year. These fandoms were: Dark City (Film), Hackers (Film), Hellblazer (Comics), Returner (Film), Stranger than Fiction (Film), Through the Night (Music Video).


Library War







They're very different people and very loyal friends to each other, and I'd love to read a story that shows some more of that. I didn't get enough in canon. I am happy to read anything, but if you want some ideas, I would love to read a story that addresses a librarianship or content access issue in the manner of the anime or the books. Or even simply daily library duties, like inter-library loans and stocktake/auditing, book repair and weeding the collection. Everyone has a really personal experience of libraries, so share if you can with me what libraries mean to you, that would also be really interesting.


What I love:

Content industry and librarianship meta. Slight feminist flavour to a lot of the explorations of gendered expectations for young women and workplace tensions and prejudices. The passion of people who think that books and access to information are just that important. Every single last character, I would happily marry them all. When Kasahara bleeds, I bleed, and when Shibasaki gets serious in her work, I shiver.



Shibasaki has said some things that could be considered subtext (and that I thought I could quote but lost and shall hunt!). Shibasaki and Kasahara are very different people, but they understand each other from close friendship and from sharing a struggle in a somewhat sexist or gender-essentialist library task force. There's trust and a long-suffering, good-natured irritation that comes from living in close quarters with someone so different to yourself. They would have a beautiful relationship.

P.S. I know Dojo/Kasahara is popular in fandom, and as Dojo is adorable and hot and wonderful and so grumpy that I melt inside, so don't worry. If you want to write Dojo/Kasahara with some Kasahara & Shibasaki friendship on the side, I will re-read your story every week this year, that is how much I will love it.


Lucky Star







I want to know, more than anything else, how they grow up. Specifically, how Konata and Kagami's fan activities and interests change over time. Next-gen consoles and handhelds? New shows and series and films? As they leave school and go out into the changing world, what changes within them? You could really bring a lot of your own experiences of English-language fandoms to this, I don't want to make you research Japanese-langauge fandom if it's not in your interests. Patricia Martin would be a good character to introduce Konata to Western fandoms, or we could see what Konata makes of Manhua. Bring your inner geek to the story, and ramble a bit because it's true to the characters, and have so much fun writing it that it shines through.


Please no Lucky Channel, it gives me headaches.


What I love:


Konata's father actually was so creepy the first time I caught a snippet of the show that I avoided it for a while. Once I watched a whole episode through, I was in love. I love the geek culture and the idle moments of boredom. Rambling conversations and grumpiness and a reference that nobody around Konata gets. Balsamic Vinegar! Plus, when I eat Tiny Teddy biscuits I eat the arms, the legs, the ears, the body, and the head, in that order. For all other animal snacks, it's got to be head-first. The daily rituals and silent rules of their lives, and the ways they share them with each other.




Kagami and Konata are a pretty popular pairing, possibly the most canonical and popular I'm requesting this year. I don't have much to say, except that I love the idea of adulthood and absence or distance from their expanding worlds and different lives drawing them closer together. Does Konata even know how Kagami might feel about her, all teasing aside?


Read or Die


Nenene Sumiregawa




I would love to see more of Nenene's life and the influences on her writing. What does she read, and what inspires her to keep writing? I'd love to see some references to books that you've known and loved. I'd also love to read about the strong and deep friendships Nenene has with any of the extended cast members; Yomiko, Maggie, Anita, Michelle. You could for example write a short fluffy piece, writing meta, or a surreal exploration of the balance between a paper user who controls paper, and a writer who controls the words on it. If you are only familiar with the OVAs and don't know Nenene at all, just write what you know, you can look back and see in previous years I have asked for Yomiko and Donnie. I'll repeat it because it's true, I'm a bibliophile and I care most about the books.


What I love:


I had a dream about the perfect book last night. When I woke up, I cried. When I described it to someone else, apparently I blushed. Read or Die feels like a series that was created with me in mind. I love the references to literature and cinema. I love that relationships between characters are neither written in the stars nor clear-cut. People get confused, sometimes there is more than one right person, and though that seems depressing it leaves a lot of space for this beauty and sweetness. Above all else, I love the idea from either the books or the manga somewhere, that someone can love paper so much that it loves them back, and that this is how the first paper masters came to be.




I love the idea of Nenene and Yomiko, it's a sweet love, but I also love how easy it would be for Nenene to slip into cute domestic happiness with Maggie. Either way, there's something so intimate and profound about reading fiction that someone you love and live with has written. Not just because you love them, but because you know them at their worst, and you can recognise their insecurities on the page.


Revolutionary Girl Utena


Nanami Kiryuu

Juri Arisugawa




One of the creators said that he intended Utena to have enough ambiguity that the audience could bring their own meaning to it. My experience of Utena has been different to yours, and I'd love to see how you interpreted the story and themes somehow. I've nominated Juri and Nanami because I'd love to see both or either of them as the centre of attention, but I'll happily read about any character from the series. I'd like to read a story that plays with stereotypes and archetypes, particularly fairy tales, but more than anything I'd like you to keep true to your personal idea of revolution, providing that isn't too personal or invasive a thing to ask. Have a Rosebride, or don't, and make a story that suits your revolution, your favourite character, the archetypes you want to play around with. I think if you take this approach, whatever you write is going to be utterly brilliant.


What I love:


If a chick does not break its shell, it dies without being born. Break the world's shell, to revolutionise the world! I love roses and cups of tea, changing what it means to be a Prince or a White Knight, and the concept of what it means to be saved or to save another. While I was watching, my revolution was all about victims gaining the power to free themselves from their past and from illusions created by the expectations of society. It was also about that moment that someone starts making an omelette, and for all that you know they are using your egg to do it, and now you will never get to choose yourself whether to crack it open or wait and see if it hatches by itself.




Juri pines after Shiori, who is selfish, brattish, and bossy. Nanami pines after Touga, who is tall, chivalrous, and noble. They both become disillusioned with these relationships, but can you see what I see yet? I think there's the potential for romance, but also some really interesting hooks back into the archetypes and revolutions that are shown in canon. If Juri/Nanami isn't your thing, I am enthusiastic about Juri with any of the women in the cast, and I would melt all over anything Anthy/Utena.





I never feel eager for crossovers, but some of my favourite stories are crossovers, and I've loved writing some in the past. This is not an exhaustive list (and I'll update it along the way), but I've done my best from memory. Consider this a guarantee I'll know most of canon for these fandoms, so they're safe.


Addams Family (Any version, though I haven't seen anything since the Tim Curry film)
Cowboy Bebop
Dark City
Greek and Roman Mythology
Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Hourou Musuko
Michiko e Hatchin
Mimi wo sumaseba
Peter Pan
The Princess Bride
Fairy Tales
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Stranger Than Fiction
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Yotsuba to!



Concluding Summary


Why suffer and struggle when you could have fun pleasing your recipient? Optional details are so optional it's tautological, and as long as you hold on to that spark of interest in the show that led you to offer it, we'll all have an awesome time this year. Feel free to write anyone having any level or lack of desire for anyone, in any combination. If you include something I have already said No-thank-you for, please warn me so I can read with caution. There are some pretty ladies, just saying. I'm elated by the thought that someone else loves what I love, and I can't wait to see your perspective on everything.

Love from kurushi


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