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Dear Doink/FFex Writer
Dear Fellow Gamer, er, I mean, Writer,

Sorry about my requests. I realised signups were open about two minutes before they closed, which meant that I rushed my signup a little and flailed all over it. I hope they aren't too confusing or daunting for you. If anything I asked for is causing you writer's block or putting you off, ignore it. Seriously. I want you to have fun. Plus, I wrote ten second feelings!mail in a panic, so the requests don't cover all the things I'd enjoy.

I participate in fan exchanges because I love discovering what others think and feel about my favourite fandoms and characters and stories. I'm really excited about this exchange, because games are very personal experiences. There's shared constants (cut scenes, major plot points), but there's also unique elements (party composition, weapon choices, difficulty settings, going for the Zodiac Spear) that mean that I'll never know what you saw when you played the game/s that you offered this year. But, wait, I will, because you'll be writing me a story and bringing your own context to the characters and world.

So regardless of what you write or draw or create, I'm going to love it, because I'm going to see something I love through new eyes. I flailed and threw out character names in my requests, so here I'll copy and paste my requests, and try and give you some more information about what I like to read, and what I liked about each game. If you work best without extra information, you can stop reading this letter and go have fun. However, if you're like me and you love extra details, read on!

*Lurker's Guide to Kurushi*

LJ: kurushi, kurushi_ficage
DW: kurushi, kurushi_ficage
ffnet: kurushi
AO3: kurushi
dA (inactive for ages): kurushikute (kurushi was taken)
IRC: kurushi or similar on lunarnet, sffnet, and freenode.

*Likes and Dislikes*

Since an exchange is trickier and a bit of blind luck, though I have read some that I've enjoyed in the past, please don't write: non-con, dub-con, rape, incest, underage sex, or child abuse.

If you have to include elements, please warn, so that I can set some time aside, make sure I'm at home and alone while I'm reading instead of out in public somewhere.

I am totally cool with any sexual orientation or lack thereof. Genfic. Shipfic. Smut. Romance. Any number of people in any configuration. AUs. Worldbuilding. Character focused stuff. Fix-it fic.

I have said in the past I don't like crossovers, and then been given the most incredible crossovers ever. So if you have a cool idea, roll with it. Ignore me. I don't know what's good for me some days. Please only write crossovers for things I know (I dislike spoilers), I've put a list on the end of this letter that I hope covers a lot of likely options for you, but if there's a game or series that I haven't listed, you can try to get in contact. I'll do my best to have anon commenting on this entry, and if I forget, make someone poke me. The mods may also be able to relay a question like that if you need it.

On to the requests!

Fandom(s): Final Fantasy XII
I became obsessed with Cid Bunansa while playing XII. Anything that is part of his backstory, the politics in Archades, or the ways that his choices formed Balthier as a person would really delight me. Cid made choices to try and free his society and his son from the oppression of distant gods, and it would be very cool to see the way that his choices slowly turn him into the villain we see in the game. I love nearly all the main cast too, especially Balthier, Ashe, and Larsa. I cry every time I re-play the cactoid side-quests. You could also just write cactoid stories for me.

The complicated worldbuilding and politics in this game blew me out of the water. I'll be vague to avoid spoilers, but the way that villains make terrible choices for noble reasons, and the way that the heroes struggle with ignorance and selfish motivations, really hit the right spot with me. I loved that a lot of different family relationships and friendships were showcased, and also that there was conscious decision to have a setting that had neither Japanese or European culture as the default. Also, I loved the cactoids. Cry every time. I should probably worry about that, right?

Fandom(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Irvine and Quistis are by far my favourites. I'd enjoy reading about either of them individually, or together. A story that looks at their adult lives, because how can you follow up from saving the world in high school, would fascinate me. I also really wanted to know more about Laguna, and Cid and Edea. Anything dealing with their backstories or post-canon lives would delight me.

To be honest, parts of the story and setting made me uncomfortable. A lot of it was about gender, and the dichotomy between Knights and Sorceresses felt like the opposite of everything I love about some other games and anime series. However, there were a lot of characters and gameplay elements I loved. Some of the cities were breathtakingly beautiful. I think the conclusion to this game is handled better than VII and many others. I do feel I've heard enough about Squall, and I'd like to read about the different ways that the other party members, and Cid, Edea, and Laguna (also Ellone) experienced this world. This game has my favourite Tonberrys, and I miss catching those trains more than I ever thought I would.

I would really enjoy an antagonistic or a frienship or a romance with Irvine and Quistis. They seem like two characters it would be easy to come up with killer dialogue for.

Fandom(s): Final Fantasy XIII
Fang, Vanille, and Lightning are my absolute favourites. I'd enjoy seeing more of their backstories, particularly Lightning as a young adult trying to raise her sister Serah. With Fang and Vanille, the cultural differences of Oerba, or the culture shock of entering a future world, really interests me. Do the other party members seem different? What subtle barriers are there to working as a team, if Fang and Vanille are familiar with different idioms and daily routines?

When I watched my partner and my brother playing the first level, I was agape. One. Long. Straight. Road. That reminded me of some of the reasons I don't replay the Xanarkand intro to X very often. I got drawn into Lightning's backstory very easily, however. I hated Vanille, until I learned more about her, and now she's one of my favourites. I suppose you could say that what I like about FFXIII, is that there is some very beautiful and wonderful payoff in character development for investing time in the game. I think I flailed sufficiently in my signup, but in case you were wondering, I spent two hours standing near sheep because I liked the way they bleated. I also just kinda sat there and looked at the sky inside Cocoon, and the faint shapes of the coastline on the other side of the sphere.

Fandom(s): Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2
I didn't care either way about Serah in XIII, so I was surprised how much I loved her in XIII-2. She has a lot of agency and strength, and very complex relationships with everyone. I'd enjoy reading about her time-travelling antics with Noel, or a pre-canon look at her relationship with Snow or Lightning, or anything, really. There seems to be so much more to her than I initially thought, and I want to see more.

Serah seemed like a plot hook, wrapped inside a refrigerated girlfriend, wrapped inside a fanboy bait school uniform. Which goes to show what I know. As I got to know her through playing XIII-2, I began to love how strong she was, but also how much stronger than Lightning she is in many ways. She's comfortable being weak, and needing people. I'm not sure I fully understand her, but I want to read about her. I felt shortchanged at the end of the game, I hadn't seen enough of her, and I didn't want it to end.

Non-comprehensive Crossover list:

FF: VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XII-Revenant Wings, XIII, XIII-2
Kingdom Hearts, 2, 358/2 Days.
The World Ends With You / Subarashiki Kono Sekai
Grandia 1, 2
Dragon Quest 8
Chrono Trigger


.Hack//sign (not familiar with any others, sorry!)
Mahoujin Guru Guru

Plus, anything I have written in, recieved gifts for, or requested for Yuletide in the past is totally fair game.

Um, I'm drawing a mental blank and I want to post this before assignments go out, so I hope it's enough information to go on. I hope you have a great time writing, I really am happy to recieve anything, I'm just more used to writing, so I know how to describe my hopes and dreams for it. I've rambled about what I've seen and loved in these games, and now it's time for you to show me. I really can't wait!

Love from kurushi

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